About The Firm

The Law Office of Vito P. LoVerde was established in 2005 when Vito LoVerde left his partnership at a major Chicago firm and opened a practice focusing on representing corporate clients in a variety of civil litigation matters and providing general business counseling. Susan Narimatsu, formerly Associate General Counsel for a Fortune 100 company and one of Mr. LoVerde’s clients, subsequently joined the firm as a partner.

The Law Office of Vito P. LoVerde provides a broad range of legal services for both corporate and individual clients, including general business counseling, corporate transactions, employment litigation and counseling, general litigation, labor/management negotiations and disputes, and alternative dispute resolution. The firm also has extensive experience defending corporate clients in matters in which employees and/or third parties have committed or have been victims of criminal acts on or about the corporation’s premises. These matters, which frequently carry with them the potential for significant adverse publicity to the company as well as high compensatory and punitive damage exposure, are often best resolved through means other than the public forum of conventional litigation. The firm’s proven ability to effectively resolve these, and other cases, through a variety of alternative dispute resolution methods, sets it apart and has provided significant cost savings for clients.

Mr. LoVerde and Ms. Narimatsu share a strong desire, and a proven ability, to quickly identify each client’s needs and to respond in an efficient, cost-effective manner. We are a team built on over thirty years of combined legal experience, both in-house and in private practice, which, combined with our prior non-legal professional careers, provides companies with the perspective needed for speedy resolution of pending issues and the identification of steps to take to avoid future liabilities.

Representative Practice Areas

  • Corporate Establishment and Compliance

  • General Business and Employment Counseling

  • Corporate Transactions, including Asset and Stock Purchases

  • Contract Review, Preparation and Negotiation (including commercial, license and employment related)

  • Assistance with Trademark and Patent Issues

  • Litigation Management


Vito P. LoVerde
Direct: 847-639-9600

Susan M. Narimatsu
Direct: 630-762-1197