Our Commitment

We believe strongly that communicating effectively with our clients is as important as our legal skills and to that end, we are always available for counsel, questions and advice.  We also recognize that any particular legal issue is only one part of our clients’ daily responsibilities and we are therefore committed to providing as much information as possible in a timely, concise manner so that strategic decisions can be made with a minimum of time.

We believe that although our legal careers have sometimes run parallel to each other, we as a team represent the type of diversity of thought, ethnicity, gender and experience that is essential to the needs of our clients and our ability to resolve the complex and often emotionally charged issues inherent in sensitive legal matters.  We are further committed to continuing our quest for diversity in the profession through our work with local counsel and our selection of outside legal services vendors.


Vito P. LoVerde
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Susan M. Narimatsu
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